Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Page view stats

In response to Optimus Rhyme's suggestion that no one reads my rants and insights based on the fact that there are so few comments here, I feel I need to cover how popular this site is and other stuff.

Here's the graph from statcounter

I like to think its still building slowly in popularity, but maybe its just evened out. Its all over the place, but on avergae I get 33 hits per day.

Technorati give me a rank of 780,599 and an authority of 8, which means that about 8 other blogs link to it.

Bowlie has a rank of 16, According to Alexa Bowlie gets around 80,000 hits per day, since we're playing to the same constituency, that's the uppoer limit for how many views I could get. I'm nowhere near. But lest we forget, thats a community what's been going for 8 years or so, and this site is about four months old.

Now Optimus Rhyme suggests that the lack of comments suggests lack of traffic, this is a mistake. My other site, an erotic art blog called naked chicks on post-it notes, gets around 1,500 hits per day, a fiftieth of Bowlie's traffic, and so far, its had two comments, one of which I deleted.

This site gets most of its traffic (60%) from people searching for individual bands on google, and for most of them, I'm the only site that writes about them apart from their own Myspace pages. Most of the bands I cover are too small and too crap for anyone to give a shit about. I get about 2% traffic from news agregator sites where people track the rss feed. 5% come from a friendly neighbourhood music scene messageboard in Glasgow where I have the address in my signature, and another 5% now come from someone's wall in Facebook.

I would so love it if other people who went to the same gigs as me wrote reviews online.

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Lady Ho said...

I think you do have some cult popularity - at least in the ladies (if we can call them that) toilets at Nice 'n Sleazies. Someone has etched "I 'heart' Chris Gilmour - He's a living Legend". Ha ha ha