Thursday, 16 August 2007

The Plimptons, Kunt and the Gang - The 13th Note

(Review courtesy of the lovely Claire Yvette as I didn't really want to review my own band even though we were AWESOME that night. Ahem)

The pairing of local band The Plimptons and London act Kunt and the Gang was either a stroke of genius or the line-up from hell, depending on your point of view, but either way, they definitely complemented each other. First the Plimptons, for whom Halloween doesn’t come round often enough, arrive on stage in an assortment of outfits. The keyboardist indulging in some eye make-up and a flamboyant scarf, the guitarist out-doing him with a dress and long black wig, and in between them what looks like a Victorian street urchin on vocals, which he shares with the other two. Behind them, a drummer and a bassist, who would have to be doing something pretty remarkable to steal any of the limelight, but look happy to be there nonetheless.

The band successfully play through their set of songs about a range of topics including affairs with ex-politicians, underage goth club patrons, and a whole lot of nineties nostalgia, while anarchically falling over, crawling about the floor, and the guitarist even lifting up his dress to reveal that the infamous “naked gig” at the QMU they played a few months ago hadn’t put him off full-frontal nudity. Even the holding up of cartoon sketches to accompany the Britpop-era based Rule Britannia turned into an enjoyable shambles, where the absence of a certain Mr Gilmour to do the job properly was felt. Along with the fact most of audience couldn’t make out the drawings, this is perhaps a sign that the Plimps should upgrade to a projector. Britpop makes another appearance, with the anthemic perhaps-pulp-inspired Impulse Records featuring a mysterious “Deborah“.

Having seen them on many occasion in the past few years, this was definitely the tightest and most enjoyable show so far, and they’re sure to have picked up a few new fans at this gig, including a terrifying middle-aged ever-so-slightly-drunken woman who spent much of the set dancing in front of the stage. Suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

Next on was the headliner, Kunt and the Gang, with his own brand of naughty euro-pop. If innuendo is like a strip-tease, then Kunt could be compared to hardcore bestiality. Most would choose the former, although the latter does have it’s fans. On first listen, the songs are shocking yet amusing, in a guilty sort of way, like toilet humour except much more abrasive. His live act echoes a kids TV programme, with dodgy hair, catchy songs, cheery side-stepping and even a puppet friend, Little Kunt. However, the novelty of songs such as Have A Wank (along with fake cock to simulate said title) and Carol Vorderman (in which he describes in vivid detail the effects his favourite daytime celebrity has on him) seemed to have worn off on me after one listen on myspace.

Due to it being a school night, I had to miss the second half of his set, which I can’t say I was too distraught about. He’s definitely doing something right though, despite me being unaware of exactly what that is. The 13th Note was the busiest I’ve seen it in a long time, the crowd are singing along, and seemed to be loving it.


Claire Yvette said...

Can't get your myspace message as it's being retarded, but thanks for the hyperlinks and paragraphing (a skill I've never picked up properly).

Could you do me a huge favour and add the to "I had the miss the second half of his set", and maybe put the song titles in italics?

What can I say, I'm pedantic as hell.


Rowan said...

Consider it done!