Thursday, 16 August 2007

Wintergreen, Compute, Liechtenstein - The Albany

Starting to regret that Flyer review from Indietracks, I'm in a room with these people. Fukkit, I'm going to see them at gigs for the next ten years.

Wintergreen on stage, they sound like how I remember Spiritualised sounding like, like guitars played backwards in t rain by Talulah Gosh.

Too much technology, technical difficulties at times. But the storm through it.
I can't quite put my finger on the way he sings, like a robot stressing the melody or something.

Are all the crackles and pops part of the song or just cock ups. Odd sudden endings to songs.

Whilst other website reviewer stand at the front and chat through songs I prefer to listen and scribble notes.

I've got it, usually its the guitar that's pounding and driving, but here its the chap's vocals urging everything along.

I nipped out between bands to find out the time of the last train home, the chap at the station was very helpful. Also I made a short list of songs I'd play in my solo set if I were asked to play a gig as a last minute cancellation. Four or five songs, mostly covers or pastiches about convoluted situations.

Compute - Three electro-clash girls dancing to an iPod. I count ten folk taking photies, do they realise it doesn't count unles they have them on flickr and tagged up within twelve hours? Cool hot pants on electro-clash girl #2, nice t-shirt print on #1 and #3 has a nice face, looks like a young Purdy.
Sounds just enough like the Human League, without Phil Oakey. A breaking glass at the back of the room could have been a well placed sample. The vocals need to be higher in the mix.

They from Sweden and they do a cover of an Action Biker song. For the final song of the set they get members of Liechtenstein to join them on stage.

This one time I saw a band called Gdansk and almost gave them the three word review 'More like Minsk'. So with Liechtenstein I was hoping I could do likewise and say 'More like Monaco', but that wouldn't fit at all.

So aye, eyespy, a Flyer's here, Crystalball on the door, Lost Music, Uma Thurman, people off of the intenet and folk from Indietracks.

Liechtenstein, Swedes again, with Purdy from Compute on vocals and guitar.Music with attitude and sounds like a female-fronted 'Specials'.

Not sure about the mix, seems a bit lumpy, the vocals were nice and high up, but maybe the bass was too high up compared to the other guitars and not enough bass from the drums.

Some nice girl harmonies later on, to square them into the indiepop bracket.

Need a wee, sneaked out before the end.






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