Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Robert Church and the Holy Community

Not sure who this mob in the church are. Robert Church and The Holy Community according to the schedule, butthey don't match the description.

Four lads with unrelenting, driving music, skinny baldy bass player mid stage and three piece harmony vox. I can feel myself flying away with them.

Neat "doo dooo do" choruses and mythery vocals, can't really make out the lyrics though.
Nice mix of guitar leads. The chap on the left has a rather sturdy black number with a moulded plastic connector, no fear of a bad connection there. On bass the chap has a standard screw together metal connector, but with a woven fabric cable, like yer gran's iron lead. On far right yer man has one of those coiled telephone cable style ones like Jimmi Handrix, they're cool apparently cos they don't tangle, right angled metal connector too, he knows his stuff.

Pop Fact - On average each guitar has 3.3 dials.


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