Wednesday, 1 August 2007

A Smile and a Ribbon - Indietracks

Ooh, I'd forgotten Christoph was in this band. Its Sunday morning, indiepoppets are bleary eyed and stubbly. I'm in urgent need of the loo, but having just bought a beer (Lost Cause) and been assured by MJ Hibbett that they were the tweeest band here, I'm watching the Ribbons.

There's a bit of a swing to them, whereas last time I saw them, at the Winchester, they were too twee, here in blazing broad daylight, they're just twee enough. Two flowery girls on vox, melodica and glokenspiel and blokes on strings and drums.

Its sweet sweet music. A song dedicated to Darren Hayman, about how dirty his songs are. Whereas I'd missed Hefner back in the day, an ex-had brought me up to speed quickly.

I wonder what Robbie would say about 'the Ribbon this time.

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