Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Rose McDowall - Indietracks

Marty Pellow on bass. I've lost my program so I'm just guessing, but Crikey, I think I can see Rose from Strawberry Switchblade or your favourite art teacher.

Its more of the gravitas of the situation than the actual performance. Sounds like Julie Cruise although she predates her. If only I was more drunk, this could be Twin Peaks.
For her second song she straps on a twelve stringer. How can any woman be this driven with indiepop for so long? Its been over 25 years since Saint Bill Drummond discovered her and the other one singing in the Clutha Vaults. Its been 20 years song Bill was in the JAMS. Its 2007, what the fuck have we done/is going on?

Its ethreal music, but not like Ceylan, this has a strong edge to it, like a sturdy oak baton.

I wander if I still have the Strawberry Switchblade tape Robbie left in my car.

Oop, at times it sounds like rose got in Camera Obscura as her backing group "Lets get out of this country" with Julie Cruise on vox

The carefully planned staggering of the bands on the two stages has fallen apart, bands overrunning, so folk are heading out in the middle of rose's set. Cos the church is a seated venue, it mega visible disruptions.

Mournful, drifting music, ideal for this setting. Crikey I'm tired.


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brogues said...

Rose was astounding ... easily the best thing at Indietracks to my (getting hairy now that I'm old!) ears. Most of the Scottish acts did themselves proud ...