Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Bearsuit, Ida Maria, Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds - The Dublin Castle

The Dublin Castle, and I think I have a cold coming on, that kind of welling up of the sinuses and gnuck sensation around the nose.

Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds
are on stage. Its Club Fandango, which means little to me. They make noises with guitar, and some shouting too. I only caught the last song, but from that I reckon Dananananaykroyd could see them off with no problems.

I wasn't sue if I'd wandered the right way down Parkway to find the venue until I saw the singing girl from Bearsuit, I'd recognise that skirt anywhere.

She'd vanished when I wandered in, but I caught sight of Steve Lamacq, the old booker from The Word. Its a shame he abandoned that, the TV channels formerly known as terrestrial sorely need music. Still that was almost twenty years ago, I'm here now.

Time Out said something about the next band being Swedish, but I'm not sure how well they'd fit in with Sounds of Sweden's tweeness, for Ida Maria rock a fair bit.
The girl has a mighty voice and stage presence, reminiscent of the sound and intensity of mid-nineties Bjork. Cast iron fringe, polka-dot red dress, and three lads playing instruments until she straps on her own guitar. Its kind of embracing the way she keep glancing at the other guys on stage as if in reassurance.

I was going to slag off the way that despite the voice and the hooks, the tunes aren't really up to much, but then halfway through I realise it sounds like they have early Ash as the backing band and all is good in the world.

Its a bit crude, but the song name “I like you so much better when you're naked”, like c'mon.

I thought I saw fans in the crowd singing along, but it was just the promo girl, later on the hunt for mailing list unters. It took a bit of running around to avoid her.

New Year 2006, I started a websie called Hot Chicks from Obscure Indie Bands, it was a great idea, but I gave up after 24 hours. One of the women to make it was Lisa the singing girl from Bearsuit, tonight now wearing hotpants and a top like my missus would wear in bed. How can I take photies of the band without feelng creepy.

Time passes and ah ha, the band launch themselves on stage wearing Jupiter Force spacesuits, which makes a refreshing change.

I saw them at The Venue in Edinburgh in 2003, possibly with Debbiee, and remember being concerned that they sounded like kids let loose in the instruments cupboard in music class. More like they're having a fight in the cupboard.
The singer girl was brimming with even more unbridled glee in the music than my 18 month old niece when she sees a doggy woggy. The glee is infectious.

They play old songs and new ones from the new album out yesterday, and its knackering stuff even just watching them.

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