Friday, 7 September 2007

The Indelicates, The Video Club, Pocketbooks, Aunty Doubles - Tufnells

The Tuffnel tonight, once again, a quality lineup of bands according to the flyer, no Fiona, wondering how they can ruin this. I'm pretty sure I've seen some of the bands before, IndieTracks, the Buffalo or just around.

The Slender Club's myspace said doors 19:00, its 20:30 now and they're still sound-checking. Ooh, I think the band soundchecking now are on one of the Not Quite Rocket Science podcasts I've been listening to for the past month.

Its always fascinating seeing the ways different bands soundcheck. The Younger Younger 28s' one finger one second effort, The Plimptons pick one song which features all available band members and instruments and play half of it, only as much as needed. The Wolfknuckles rattle though a couple, using the time as a last minute rehearsal, but all finish before the punter arrive. The mobs here just seem a bit half-arsed, doing two or three songs as a formality, finishing sounding the same as they started, no audible mixing desk tweaking.

Why do bands no tune up before they hit the stage, like have some semblance of being prepared.

Christ, first up are Busted, or at least some underage 4-piece who stole Busted's dance moves.

Two guitars, bass, drums and a3-man vox, the trumpet playing from the drummer was a nice touch and neat lead guitar noodles, understated rather than in your face. Once again the soundman did something evil with the bass.

I dunno, the singing sounds a little too sixth form bandy, like Jim Bean in Flyer in the Bolton Academy in '96.

Give them a few years of honing and they could be Vertigo Green for a new generation.

My favourite Busted / McFly song is Hypnotise.

Interesting the way the audience drifted away, they couldn't even muster front standing friends and family.

Crikey, I'm sweating like pig here in my pa's leather jacket, there's gotta be some other way to carry around all my paraphernalia rather than using a handbag, that way lies danger. I'll dig out my old combat pants. God knows how CrystalBall keeps her red indiecoat on in this weather.

Ooh, Jona Wintergreen is here... and his bandmates too, cool.

on next, I recognise the barnet from countless other gigs, its nice when people live the music, rather than either contributing or observing.

Two keyboards, quiet guitar, too loud bass, drums, glockenspiel and melodica and boy – girl harmonies. They're either getting better each time I see them, or just more familiar.
Great pacing of the set which is a lost art. They're kinda wholesome and nice. The long-necked keyboard chap, nipping out into the crowd during songs to check the sound. Neat melodies, grab you by the hand and take you on a ride.

Like Pete Green the other week, they comment on the sparkly walls, neat gimmick from The Tuffnell management. Oh and something about the Pocketbooks being in The Grimsby Telegraph. Pah, I can still make the Bolton Evening News and I haven't lived there for a decade

Gah, its one of those crowd swapping gigs and for good reason too, whilst The Pocketbooks, my 18 month old niece, my brother and my mum could adore, this next mob, only Alan Wolfknuckle would like and he's 400 miles away. They sound like Edinburgh's The Fnords, apart from there's six of them, 8 foot tall dandy doing time-share vocal duties with a half-hearted shouty girl, Psycho Bob from Idlewild on bass, two guitarists – Buddy Holly and a guy who used to be in The Bates, Ralf Little on drums.
So percussive are the drums that its making the remaining indiepop kids cry or at least look grumpy. The band are having fun on stage, but its a shocking step change from the other bands.

Am I going deaf or are the vocals really quiet?

Time passes and they evolve into the punk shout rockabilly MJ Hibbett. Not sure what to make of them.

Time passes, until 23:30 and I can't be arsed waiting for the Indelicates to finish setting up. The look kinda cute, but I don't remember seeing them at IndieTracks. Dear readers, if anyone stayed to watch them can you leave a comment about how they were?



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