Monday, 10 September 2007

My First Radio, Their Hearts Are Full Of Spring, Amy Blue, Time.Space.Repeat - The Windmill

“Yeah, thought they were fine”, 'er up north is down for the weekend to visit, so I'm showing her the sights London has to offer. The band on stage sounded like an early Radiohead b-side or Cayto's earlier stuff before they went crap.
Female drummer, quite skinny, good too and a six-string bass player. One of the guitarists was doing finger picking and had an e-bow dangling off his guitar which we missed him using.

For here we are, at the Windmill in Brixton for God is in the TV presents... G Spot 3: The BBQ. I think its some kind of webzine, the name rings a bell and it probably features highly on some one's radar, not mine though and the crowd seems a bit deseperate to be called a web-community.

The first band don't sound anything like Cayto actually, Cayto had piano, maybe it was El Casio Immunitas.

I'm guessing the band are called Time.Space.Repeat.

Next up is My First Radio, who have completely won me over, they sound like Doves, dark shoegazer, effects pedal laden genius with guitars, although at times I thought the singing was a bit too Oasis, the missus seems to agree. Nice white t-shirts from the lead guitarist and bass player.

Also well worth a mention is the sound engineer woman, who does a sterling job.

“I liked the noise, it was peaceful, I could just close my eyes and lie in my room”

Muse-like as well, would have been good as just an instrumental.

So me and the cockicidal missus are sat in the beer garden round the back whilst bands changeover, eating mostly meat from the barbecue, everything seems to have been marinated in honey, this is well worth the five pounds entry.

Ooh, the dog's still here, tonight confined to his kennel and about half a yard of run, seems happy enough eating barbecue scraps.

Amy Blue on next, another female drummer, with two guitary chaps, a bass player is sorely missing. Vocals are a bit too whiney, but there are some promising guitar bits driving ahead.

A singer explains that their bass player told them at 2pm that he didn't want to do the gig. Personally, if it were my band, I would have pulled out completely rather than soldier on. Its pish, they lack flair and me and the missus were both falling asleep.

The polar opposite of Amy Blue were the next band on, Their Hearts were Full Of Spring, who even before they start had their own flower arranger decking out the mic stands.
They are a five piece, with the third female drummer of the day, looking less stern than she did at IndieTracks. Wee flapper percussion girl mid-stage, like a gazelle, to her left is the keyboard / violinist and to her right is the baldy eyeliner guitary singing chap, jolly bass player lurking at the back.

“I though they were good” says the missus, sounded a little like Neil from the Divine Comedy, “some good dancing songs, there should have been jazz people shimmying at the front. Nice girl backing vocals brought a summery air, got all the couple cuddling.”

They could be the new young stiff opposition to Belle & Sebastian (or insert other boy-girl singing group)

Four more bands to play, but we've had our fill and peel off to the door, stopping to buy the CD from Their Hearts We Full Of Spring.

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