Sunday, 30 September 2007

MJ Hibbett, Keith John Adams, Navvy, Sarandon - The Buffalo

I'm not sure whether its a really stressful city or just me. Parking tickets, losing cameras, knackered printers and hour long phone alls with neglected parents outside venues when I can hear MJ Hibbett on stage, something witty and warm, but I'm stuck outside, on the phone, with a dozen polis and ambulances going past.

Finally the parents let me go and The Buffalo is kind of full. Hibbett has finished but I bet he was up to his usual fine form.

Keith John Adams
are setting up on stage, poised to start and I'm pretty sure I had to phone the missus. If I go outside I'll miss some of the second band, gah.

Procrastination, after twenty minutes they hit the stage properly. A three piece - drums, guitar and a chap playing keyboards about a foot off the ground.

My mind's on other things, they sound a bit ska, the lead singer looks like Suggs. Every so often I think they sound like Anal Beard, and also I get flashes of understanding why some people really don't like The Plimptons.

Keith John Adams has fans in the crowd.

Outside again, I do boyfriend duties and check on my car. All reassured I head back and miss the start of Navvy.

An arty four piece, two female percusionists with more cow bells than you can shake a stick at, which is kind of what they're doing. I'm always intrigued by dual simultaneous drumming, its a splendor to behold.

Cracking stuff, I never listened to The Fall enough to do an accurate comparison, but with the girl yelps its an interesting combination.

I wish I'd had my camera with me, here I could make it looks like Lost Music's nights are as good as anything on Driven By Boredom. It would give me impedus to talk to people, instead of forever standing behind and to the right of the same people night after night.

Some tall chap asks if I'm a journalist, scribbling in my notebook. No, I just have the internet. People glance over as I scribble, me serving as some disillusion in thar heids.

This notebook is like a security blanket to me, or maybe some pretentious part of my costume, like the Wolfknuckle masks.

I am a superhero, my costume this leather jacket, my weapon this notebook, my power this website (17 hits yesterday).

A sample reverberates round the room, "Kill Twee Pop". This isn't just in my head is it. With the Indiepop Stalin thing, the descent of Bowlie and "Kill Twee Pop". Its the first song from Sarandon's album apparently.

I've never seen them before, just a name on playlists. Rather noisey and warm, and jagged indie-rock. A bit arty too. They all seemed to be having fun on stage, and came across as jolly nice chaps. I just couldn't engage with the music, sorry.

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