Monday, 8 October 2007

Bowl and Sebastian 2 - Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

Its 9pm when I arrive, direct from Alan Wolfknuckle's wedding and seeing missus for the last time in Glasgow.

The place is packed and on stage are The School doing "Get me away from here I'm dying", mostly drowned out by punters singing along. It'd be nice to hear these tunes with an extra thick honey glaze, drenched in far more melodica and glokenspiel than uncle Stu ever imagined, but its too noisy in here.
Colouring competition results are announced, if only I'd been here a few hours earlier, ooh, one day I'll slay the competition alive.

The final act of the night, the Pop Art All Stars with a selection of guest vocalists. They start with a tribute to Emo Dave artist in attendance "Get me away from here, I'm Diane". They manage to introduce a surprising Oasis vibe to it and somehow take out any musicallity, leaving it a bit mechanical sounding.
Ooh, Jona's here playing bass, I thought it sounded familiar.
Painful version of The Model next, the mob on stage are having a great time, Jona rocking out like a pro, but the song comes across mangled. There's a line in there about Bowlie kids which could have been poignant, but it got buried. What happened?
So it continues, culmonating in tonight's main event, Saint Monica Queen rather sportingly providing vocals on Lazy Line Painter Jane, along with a gentleman called Solo (back combed wig, white face, mascara) singing in the vein of Elvis.

She hits it, but he mangles some of the lines. There's awkwardness on stage. I feel the same as if I'd seen Wanda Dee and the Real KLF in Australia without Bill and Jimi.

I dunno, lots of fun was had but it was more karaoke than cover, the number of people singing with lyric sheets only emphasising this.



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