Friday, 26 October 2007

Dananananayokroyd, Spin Spin the Dog, Lovvers - The MacBeth

Big Duncan's near the door when I come in, it was a long time ago when I first encountered him in Glasgow, well, maybe five years ago probly. Tonight at the MacBeth we shoot the breeze while I consider the first band on.

Barking what could be random between song bander or Art School poetry with loud rock noise accomanyment.

Something to do with ex-girlfriends in my head tonight. Last time I saw Dananananaykroyd was about a year aho, well,last two times, when I was kind of seeing Jax, some cool show at The Admiral and something bigger at the Oran Mor where they were running late cos the drummer's other band were caught at a wedding We left before the band came on.

Still shapeless falling apart sounds coming from the stage as I wonder what fell apart between me and she and then remembering... shudder.

ooh, looks like they have Aiden Moffat on bass.

Spin Spin the dogs 03

Easy to remember how to spell Danananananna... its Dana - nana - naykroyd.

So a year has passed and now look at them, all famous and frequently heralded by the NME.

I remember how me and Adam Plimp cheered when we read their first mention in the NME, some Sunday morning in the 13th Note.They were a Glasgow super-group of sorts, Duncan from The Boy Cartographer and The Hector Collectors, Dave from The Multiplies, Laura from Michael Dracula, James from Errors and Calum who lived opposite Jef.

Ooh, I think the nervous one from Favours for Sailors is here.

Second band on, Lovvers are rather exciting, Smashing Pumpkins sounders, all bending metal guitars and Billy Corrigan vocals.

Lovvers 02

I think I see French girls from the original Glasgow Indie Eyespy game, five retro bonus points.

Hmm, with the mob on stage, it looks like Richard Ashcroft on guitar.

On thinking more deeply, I think it was five and a half years ago I was also going out with Jax when I encountered Duncan in the Hectors.

Rather neat howling lead guitar and the same urgency as early Idlewild.

Ooh, I've got it, they remind me of Tiny Little Hearts, but without the fancy lead rhythm guitar shredding

The Dananananaykroyd take a while to set up, removing the frontispiece of the stage and installing their trademark two drumkits. I'm struck by the number of very neat hairstyles in the crowd. Maybe I should make more of an effort when I go out, rather than same clothes as work.

Whilst much of the setting up beforehand is pure theatrics, it'd be dangerous for them to go on without performing requisit stretching exercises, wouldn't want to pull any muscles. Duncan invites me to join him and Calum stretching at the side of the stage.

So with a combined height of more than twelve metres, Dananananaykroyd take to the stage.
Dananananaykroyd 18
Dananananaykroyd 01
Dananananaykroyd 07

(When I showed this animation to Natalie, she remembered she'd been dancing with him the other night in Glasgow. So far away, yet so near)

Spin Spin The Dogs


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