Thursday, 25 October 2007

Indelicates, William, Herzoga - Bar Monsta

You join your intrepid gig reviewer on a Wednesday night. Everything's been a bit ropey for the past week or so, I've starved myself into a skip of nerves where I don't quite have the bottle to buy food or eat in front of other people. I pray for a quick death to level out these rollercoaster emotions.

I'm at Bar Monsta, some gig I heard about off of Facebook and Anorak, the armpit of Camden, I don't know anyone here, but the girl to my right is the spitting image of Jef in Glasgow when she had blonde hair.

Hergoza 01

On stage are Herzoga or Olympians, depending on how late I got here. Neat Squander Pilots bass, sturdy machine-like drumming, snappy lead guitar with killer rock outs and spikey vocals. I wish I was drunk, I could easily slip into a mid-90s Electrafixion moment. If only that ex- from a decade ago would reply to my Facebook friend requests.

If only, if only, if only, one million if onlys, the limitless possibilities of the future, crushed by the weight of the missed opportunities of the past. I think that's one of the underlying pleas of MJ Hibbett's track 'Born Yesterday' on his CD wot arrived in the post this morning.

The next band on, William, the audience has swelled and applauds every song. More jagged and post-eh than the previous act, the sort of band Brian McKinnon would probably have loved were he here today.


Very yelpy and repetative. They have a single or a 7” on sale somewhere.

Ooh, website idea #129:- 'Indiepop or Not'. Like Hot or Not but with every band on Last.Fm. The audience rates them for indiepoppiness. Could it be done by a mashup?

Oh the Indelicates, how many times have I been at their gigs before? How can I remember nothing of this, had I been drinking? Tonight they are fabulous.


Are they Meatloaf, Kate Bush, Queen? Who knows. But their guitars are manufactured from eighties cheese, the piano is just right, the male vocals has moments of Manics or even Levellers and the girl, can sound Kate Bushy. There's kind of like these beautiful pianoy bits with the girl singing and everything else quite, where the anticipation builds up then the rest of the band storm in. Definitely one for downloading.

Indelicates 02

The Indelicates


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