Friday, 2 November 2007

The School, The Brunettes, Wake The President, The Deirdres - The Windmill

So, after hellish experiences trying to get home from Brixton in thepast, I drove out all the way there tonight to find a sign on the door saying the show was sold out. So I went in anyway, to the ticket money chap, and asked if it was really sold out.


The place was packed, I shrugged, "oh dear" and got back in my car and drove home.

Well, its a story to tell the grandkids or neice, knowing my lack of luck in the potential spawning world.

Yes petal, instead of seeing The School, The Brunettes, Wake The President and The Deirdres, pleading that I was a respected reviewer and secret pornographer in the hope my notoriety would be my gold card, I went home, listened to The School and The Loves demos and drew porn until I felt bad about myself and guilty about my emotions.

The School
The Brunettes
Wake The President
The Deirdres


Anonymous said...

Surely one of the WTP twins would have got you in Mr Gilmour??

John D.

Chris said...

I'd feel a bit bad asking them, I usually give them really bad reviews