Thursday, 1 November 2007

Silver Springs, Electric Assembly - The good Ship

Whilst in the chick flick Silence of The Lambs, the villain Buffalo Bill would keep fat chicks n a deep hole, whilst the hero of the piece tried valliantly to stop him from his prison cell, at The Good Ship tonight, its bands they keep in a deep hole, and despite the amplification, it sounds like it.

I'm tempted to throw small dogs at them.


Silver Springs, drssd in bloodied surgeons outfits. Either their particular brand of reverb rock appeals to the older generation or its a friends and family gig, with mums and dads in attendance, the presence of a 10 year old confirms my suspicions.

It was Facebook what broght me here, a handful of folk I vaguely know were chalked up as coming along, but I see none of them.


I started to warm to the Silver Springs as the set progressed, dark instrumental-ish revery flangeiness. Sometimes the vocals were a bit ropey, but there were moments of aceness.

A cover of the Ghostbusters theme near the end won me over, even when it went a bit stadium epic in places.

Eep, this mob are the second band on, I'd missed the first driving slowly and wondering what side of the street the venue was on.

The headline act are taking a while to set up and the DJ sounds like Roddy and Leo, just playing horror movie dialogue clips. I've taken a seat with the other Billy No Mates, and I watch the dressed up people.

This time last year I was dressed as Optimus Prine at a sell-out Plimptons show at the Barfly.


Tall guitarist on stage setting up a flashing pumpkin, Raiph Fiennes indeed. Billy leans over and asks if this is the last band, Aye.


Crikey, black hoodies and skull masks, from the photies it could even be the KLF.

They sounded a bit like Hawkwind crossed with Wintergreen. Usually, aye, but tonight it grates, so after two songs I head home, and leave it to the family.

Electric Assembly
Silver Springs

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