Thursday, 31 July 2008

Darren Hayman - Indietracks

He was supposed to be playing in the evening yesterday in the Church, but got bumped to earlier in the day, so a handful of folk missed him, so here he is again.

In the Twist and Spout tent Darren Hayman is tuned up and impatient. The noise of Strawberry Story drowns out anything he plays, so he waits. The tent is full, every inch of floorspace taken up by eagery waiting fans, so they wait. I stand at the back enjoying the carrot cake on offer.

There were four cakes for sale in the Twist and Spout, carrot cake, flapjack, brownies and cookies. I never had the cookies, the brownies were nice, but not really as brownie-like as I was expecting, chocolatey goodness aye, and the flapjack was kind of healthy, but the portions small and moreish. However, carrot cake is god I think I had about ten pieces over the weekend.

It was on the first evening, when MJ Hibbett was playing that I fell in love with the Twist and Spout girl with hoop ear-ring, she had a really nice smile, but by the tenth piece of cake, I'd become a hussy who'd take it off anyone.

Strawberry Story finish, and split up, giving free T-shirts and CDs to their audience, Darren Hayman makes a pithy comment, and plays.
Indietracks097 - Darren Hayman
Aw man, remember last year when he headlined and my review was absolutely pants.

This year the notes scribbled in my wee notebook says

He plays some songs, they sound like they usually do.

On reading that doesn't it almost feel like you were there?

Actually, going by my knowledge of most readers of this blog, you probably were there. Look, I can see the back of your head in this video I found.

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