Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Silence the Sea - Indietracks

There's five or so people on stage, Silence the Sea, they look kind of familiar from other bands. Two girls, one with melodica and a mic, one sat at a desk with a typewriter, there's this chap from Little My in an animal costume and bare feet (hippy) with an acoustic guitar, prowling the stage. Sounds like the coolest office to work in.
Indietrack011 - Silence at Sea
The songs are a wee bit sea shantyish, although warmer than most sea shanties, Hidden Cameras with half as many people on stage, aye bass and violin. Sometimes that Altantic FM warmth to the songs.

Charming, happy and relaxed girl harmonies with just a touch of reverb to balance the occasionally boomy bass. Kind of like the weather in heaven.
Indietrack009 - Silence at Sea
"The best advice I was ever given,
was shut my mouth and learn to listen"

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