Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Town Bike - Indietracks

Town Bike are on fire, first band of the day on the outdoor stage and punters are flocking to the front
Indietrack013 - Town Bike
They're like this generations answer to Shampoo, rude and bad girls loose on the streets. Bubblegum shirts, they are a living breathing cartoon band.

Songs about the guitarist from Busted, being bad, their bassist's first prom, they even have their own theme song where they introduce the band.

Its like they are possessed by the spirit of rock, Alice Cooper pulped and moulded into the shape of a riot pop act from Liverpool.
Indietrack016 - Town Bike
They'd won a poll on the Anorak messageboard to chose some of the bands at Indietracks, and I understand some idle remark was made about them playing a cover. So onstage they launch Smells Like B*witched, its like B*Witched songs played to the tune of Smells Like Teen Spirit, and there in the flesh, it was amazing.

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