Sunday, 28 December 2008

manc_ill_kid - His Bedroom

I am a musician myself, although I rarely play live. My last gig would have been that Deep Fried Wolfknuckles show last year. Anyhoo, I do make use of the SoundCloud website to store my recorded offerings. They're mostly covers of popular indie tunes with occasional original songs, recorded by myself in my bedroom using free PC kit and a small collection of guitars.

This is a list of all the tracks I have on SoundCloud, covers and originals.

Angel Interceptor
Girl From Mars

Boo Radleys
Find the answer within
Reaching out from here
Wake up

The Buggles
Video Killed the Radio Star

Carter USM
Lets get tattoos


The Charlatans
The Only One I know
Just When You're Thinking Things Over

The Jesus and Mary Chain
Just like honey

Johnny Utah and the Buckeye System
Bacon sandwich and vodka
Running Battle

Bacon sandwich and vodka
ill and ancient
Naked chicks on post-it notes
Running Battle

Mexican Kids at Home
Female Thief

MJ Hibbett
Lesson of the Smiths

The Pipettes
Your kisses are wasted on me

The Smittens

Stone Roses

Sultans of Ping FC
Wake up and scratch me

Town Bike
Trouble fucken rocks

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