Monday, 22 December 2008

The Plimptons - Could I be loved (2009 video)

The Plimptons - Could I Be Loved
Director - Jason Sweeney

Aye, so the Plimptons are this comedy rock band from Glasgow who've been going since last century, they're mostly Adam J Smith and Martin Smith and a who host of other people usually called Smith. I kind of managed them between 2004 and 2007 releasing their albums 'Songs of Ignorance and of Inexperience' and 'Pomp' and making countless (six) music videos.

I've barely seen those guys since I moved to London, and don't recognise many folk in the video, expect the bass player who looks terrifyingly like I used to look like.

Ahh, I remember when we thrashed Glasvegas in the demo competition. Every so often I realise that the reason The Plimptons aren't topping the album charts right now is cos I must have done something wrong as their manager, mistakes I must have made, and this is why I must never manage a band again.

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