Sunday, 11 January 2009

Camden Calling: Adrian Roye and the Exiles - The Cavendish Arms

I swear I've seen this mob before, possible at Monkey Chews. Cello, drums, electri-acoustic guitar chap with dreads singing and cute girl on five string bass. Ooh and I spy bongos on stage, this could be fun.

Its smooth luxurious flowing music, the chap sings almost like Dave McAlmont or terence trent darby mixed with other influences. Brief moments of boy/girl harmonies.

They do bit of the old instrument swapping -they are obviously professional musicians so cello chap plays the bass that he's always wanted to, bass girl's on guitar and singing chap straps on the bongos. I wonder if the drummer chap is sad about missing out.

Ooh, three person harmonies, wasn't expecting that.

"I really like them" says the girl to my left. She's videoing them too.

Eep, brief snatches of uncalled for vocal riffing. Luckily its just in one song.

Its pretty chilled out stuff, I see early computer graphics of lush landscapes flying by with this as the soundtrack. Does that make sense?

A bit funky towards the end of the set, kind of neat with a monster bongo wig-out and a mellow Kate bush cover . I swear I've seen them before.

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