Sunday, 11 January 2009

Camden Calling: Mada and Wolfgang - The Cavendish Arms

Its a bit arty. So you've got your band providing some stable rhythm, Nina's friend Steve on trumpet centre stage, whilst stood to the left is Mada, dressed in black, hair unruly, clutching a shef of notes and lyric sheets.

He's like a howling gale outside, branches druming against a window during a nighttime storm.

The trumpet makes it somewhat jazz, but I can't help but think of the more darker numbers from Jesus Christ Superstar.

Camden Calling is an organisation. to improve the access of homeless and vulnurable people have to mainstream music and popular culture, aye.

This mob on stage are doing an improvised set, its Steve's first time with them, but I recognise some of the tunes from the other month. Gnatty guitar noodles and yeah, the trumpet adds depth, but its all in the shadow of Mada's booming lyrics.

Mada 01
After Mada's set, the backing mob, Wolfgang, minus trumpet, just a three-piece, they go solo for a couple of songs.

Some neat guitar effects pedal-work. They sound like eighties hard rawk, wee moments of Springsteen.

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