Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Loves - The Luminaire

Aw man, I think I've arrived at the venue. The only people here are from the bands or young John Lennon from The Beatles who is working on the bar tonight.

I've recently started going out with a girl from another planet, like she's not off of Bowlie or from the indiescene or anything. With her, everything is new and exciting, the gigs she goes to the people she knows, its all out of my sphere.

So here I am to see The Loves once more, how many times have I seen them, how long have I been a fan? Crikey, I wrote them into my novel Shag Times about eight years ago, and still I follow them. Likewise tonight's headliner Darren Hayman, regulars to this blog will have followed me following him for years. This is the sort of gig I go to.

Its really cold in here, but the place is starting to fill up.

I'm quite like the Flight of the Concords's fan, but I guess I'm near the line.

They're looking very dapper tonight, all suits and cleanly shaven. They're playing tighter than usual too.
Same songs as the other month when they played the Buffalo. All on fire from last night's 6Music session.

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