Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Wave Pictures - The Luminaire

Missed the first song or two, nattering outside in the cold.

Storming rock n roll, with arch nasal vocals like Suede or Kingmaker or something.

Ooh, uncle El Presidente from Fortuna Pop is here, and I think I spy the ladies from Twee As Fuck.

Reverb-rich American FM guitar solos from the wagon train, with extra noodles.

Songs for the people who had a bad Christmas, stressing its not a 'fuck you' to those who had a good Christmas.
Maybe tones of Hefner in the style of the songs. Aw man, that's not right, who do they sound like.

Chap stood nearby in a flatcap, looks like Dennis Pennis.

Is it wrong to like the drummer's singing a little more than the guitarist singing? Or it could just be my ears prefer the lack of drums.

On-stage banter comes across as a bt smug to me, but witty so that makes it okay.

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