Sunday, 1 March 2009

Endispiece - North Harrow

Its just about two years now.

Two years since I started this site, since Steff messaged me about starting a music webzine, me agreeing and then nothing coming of it except me scrawling in my notebook at the back of whatever gig I was going to, typing up whatever ramblings and slinging them online.

God knows how many bands I've seen, how many gigs and venues and promoters. How many people I've stood next to, who've read my scrawl days later.

Why the crap photos, blurred and black and white, head in the way, too dark. Why not from closer to the stage, in colour with the flash switched on, holding the camera still? I'll leave that the professionals and the nice girls with the expensive cameras.

Its all getting to difficult. I'm not having as much fun as I used to.

This website gives me doubts, is it helping or hindering the bands or having not affect at all, which is worse?

Am I too old for all this? Have I done it for too long? Or just losing faith.

I dunno, but this is the end, this is me signing off. No more half arsed gig reviews, no more warm and blisteringly enthusiastic reviews or just crap photies from me.

Of course, there's the remote chance I'll do Indietracks, videoing photoing and scrawling about the dozens of bands and reminiscing about 'the old days' with Camera Obscura, but its just a remote chance.

I can't go to gigs any more, I can't arrive stupidly early and find the perfect position to view the stage, scrawl notes and wonder why thingi who I used to hang out isn't even making recognition. I can't do this any more.


If anyone else reckons they can, if you have just enough enthusiasm to write reviewy thing of every band you see every week, with photies and links and vitriol, but not quite enough enthusiasm to start your own blog, then let me know, you can have you keys, here's the wheel, you can drive from now on.

I can't.

393 bands
6 cities
4 writers

23,256 pageloads
15,804 unique visitors
2 years
£1,500 paid on the door

Bands what I saw most
The Plimptons - 13 times
Pocketbooks - 11 times
The Just Joans - 10 - times
Pete Green - 10 times
MJ Hibbett - 9 times
The School - 7 times
The Gresham Flyers - 6 times (well, 7 reviews but there was that one time I didn't actually see them)
Darren Hayman - 5 times
The Deirdres - 5 times
The Hermit Crabs - 5 times
The Loves - 5 times