Thursday, 26 March 2009

HDIF presents: Allo Darlin - Jamm

Elizabeth Darling and three chaps on stage, she's stood in the middle with her ukelele and her head tilted slightly to the side as she sings.

Its a kind of breathy dreamy singing that holds the room enraptured. Friendly and smilie.

Her first song comparing a relationship to a Woody Allen movie ticks the sames boxes as usual: pop culture references, characteristic rhymes.

When the chaps on guitar, bass and percussion join in it punctuates the delicate melodies

Ooh, slide guitar.

And for the next song Monster Bobby takes to the stage. "When I wrote this song I thought it sounded just like The Field Mice, even though it sounds nothing like The Field Mice". Monster Bobby sounds like a budget Nick Cave when he sings.

I like the way Elizabeth occasionally lifts one foot off the ground when she sings.
HDIF presents: allo Darlin' - Jamm
The last song is very upbeat, it starts with drums that sound like The Strokes, its going to be released by WeePop as an orange 7" single. It has amusing falsetto backing vacals from Will the bass player.

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