Friday, 24 April 2009

Je Suis Animal - The Windmill

Have I seen this mob before? Je Suis Animal don't look familiar, they're like one of these PopFest or Indietracks bands. Someone stood nearby is wearing strong perfume. It smells like sherbert, aw man, I should have bought some in the between band gap.

I think Je Suis Animal are from Oslo, they're a five-piece, two guitar girls from the sixties at the front and St John McKeown from the Yummy Fur on guitar on the left side of the stage. Aw man, four of them are on guitars. Its a bit of an overwealming wall of guitars sound, a little Sons and Daughters-ish, but more upbeat, with thems indiepop girl vocals.

Occasional flashes of Stereolab too, it'll be the keyboardy noodles that do it and throbbing driving bass.

The singing girl looks a bit rockabilly.

Je Suis Animal - The Windmill

I imagine seeing this band with the sun shining rather than at night.

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