Friday, 24 April 2009

Little My - The Windmill

There was debate earlier this month with my attractive young ladyfriend, about whether they are Little My or Little My pronounced Moo as in the Finnish or Russian pronunciation of y as ooh.

Tonight only on chap in an animal costume, but the rest of them wear animal ears. They verbally confirm the My pronunciation. My ladyfriend will be disappointed.

More strings, treble and reverb than I remember from last time.

Little My - The Windmill

They're on form tonight, with twenty-sic people on stage, seventeen of them guitarists, no drummer, and still the violin was audible. Vocals could have done with being a touch louder and the toy megaphone, that I couldn't hear at all. Maybe it was where I was standing.

They're jolly good fun, mind. I rank this as one of the top five shows of their's that I've seen.

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