Friday, 1 May 2009

Totally Acoustic: The Lime Chalks - The Lamb

One of the chaps at the front is called Duncan, I follow his twitter feed. I'm not sure which chap is Duncan. They both look it, the tall one and the short one, they both have Duncannish hair.
The Lime Chalks - The Lamb
I think they're nice and dreamy. Ukelele, guitar, melodica, glockenspiel and cello. The same sort of droney sound as Wintergreen.

Okay, not droney, just the way the cello goes with 'Duncan's' vocal harmonies. I guess droney is close enough.

A little serious and musical. I love the occasionally noodley uke, it reminds me of Trumpton.

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1 comment:

the author said...

hello there!

i can confirm that the 'short one' with the uke is duncan, he's a ruddy genius in my opinion!

rob (the 'tall one')