Thursday, 25 June 2009

HDIF: The Give It Ups - Jamm

Its a blisteringly hot day outside, flying ant day in some parts. My first gig since the start of May, it feels like along time.

That songkick website's made me miss live music so much. Going to gigs is such a big part of me, there's a hole that needs filling. And I need another gig under my belt to beat Gloomboy. Its not supposed to be competitive, is it?

So I'm at Jamm in Brixton, was going to bring the missus along, but she's off shopping in Watford this evening, so I'm on my own, crouched at the corner of the bar, beer nearby, head buried in writing.

The first band of this How Does It Feel night are The Give It Ups, still soundchecking, but the weather's nice out, its almost a shame to herd everyone indoors.

I vaguely recall them being jolly good fun last time I saw them, vague memories of songs about dinosaurs.(or was that MJ Hibbett?)

The Give It Ups

Not sure if this is relevant to the review, but shortly before the 'Ups start I move from the corner of the bar to a dark corner near the sound guy. Here's hoping that before I stick this online, I edit out all the non-reviewy bits.

They start with a new song, a shouty little number called "Why won't you go out with me". The ghost of The Supernaturals would be spinning in its grave, if it wasn't busy haunting The Hussys. I think I'm trying to say the song sounds like 'Smile'.

I like the way the drummer and the bass player swap round between songs, they're like both new band members or something, right?

Also, the band rock out just a little more than I remember from last time, and occasionally invoke the spirit of a Weezer b-side, there's a little of the slacker hip about them.

Aw man, I've got it: -

A cross between Rivers Como and Victoria Wood.

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