Friday, 26 June 2009

HDIF : Veronica Falls - Jamm

Well, the deadpool's almost overflowing this evening, Swells, Farrah and now Michael Jackson. I had wacko jacko pegged to last until a ripe old age, its a shame really.

Anyhoo, on with this evening's show...

Veronica Falls

A generation ago I bumped into the junior lifesaver one evening at the 13th Note, I vaguely recall him conspiring to form a Tallulah Gosh tribute band, ginger Allen was to play drums and Enzo Menoni was going to play bass. God knows what happened to those guys, but Wee Patrick followed through and tonight Matthew, Veronica Falls are going to be Tallulah Gosh.

I know its just the reverb on the vocals that makes it sparkly, and Patrick's motown drumming. Or maybe its the girls in the audience stomping along, but its all magical.

Veronica Falls

I love the way Roxanne is so deadpan when she's singing, then there the merest hint of a smile when she plays guitar, and her little bewildered expression after each noodly bit.

Veronica Falls

HDIF Ian's championing them, and I reckon there's still time to get them slotted on the Indietracks bill.

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