Thursday, 25 June 2009

HDIF : The 18 Carat Love Affair - Jamm

There's a poster that says Utah Saints are playing at Jamm soon. I've never seen them, should I make an effort to, twenty years too late? They were always a less pretentious KLF, more dance, less art. It'll be worth it for completiests sake.

On stage this evening, The 'Affair are missing their drummer, he's a Glastobore, so we have guitar providing rhythm. The vocals are that boy/girl shouty thing that Sons and Daughters do. They are very relaxed on stage, I guess without the drummer, its not quite a proper gig, but its nice.

The bass player is forgoing his axe and just bears a tamborine and some pink plastic sunglasses.

There used to be this Irish band called Turn who hung around with and were consumed by Idlewild. 18 Carat Love Affair sound like them this evening, but with melodica. Piano and engrossing, stark vocals. They sound like Scunner too, but without the makeup and costumes.

The 18 Carat Love Affair

My favourite song of their set is the one where Nobby the guitarist plays a bicycle pump, the atmospheric side of it tramples over any novelty value.

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