Friday, 25 September 2009

HDIF presents: Arthur and Martha - Jamm

According to some sources, I'm Arthur and Martha's biggest fan. I like them, but I feel my friend Robbie would like them more, if only he didn't live hundreds of miles away from any gigs they play.
They have great grooves. You know, a little krautrock, a little disco, a little twee. Lots of wires, they probably know arcane arts of programming too.
Neat between song banter too; chess and Gary Kasparov reference; NME reference, "They said this was our best song, and they know more about music than we do."
"The only song you'll hear tonight inspired by the works of Rachel Stevens"
They announced that this was going to be their last gig for a while as they have to write new songs. Of course if you haven't seen or heard them before they're all new songs. Or they could play mixed sets of old and new songs, there are ways and means.
Cover of Johnny Cash's Jackson, where have I heard a cover before? Was it last time with Arthur and Martha or The 10p Mixes in Sheffield? The krautrock veneer cracks slightly as they seem to be enjoying themselves a little too much.
We patiently await the new material and the return of Arthur and Martha.

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