Saturday, 24 November 2007

Fortuna Pop: Bricolage, Falling and Laughing, Wake The President - The Buffalo

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8 police vans and cars storming towards the city centre as I maked my way from Swiss Cottage to Highbury and The Buffalo, very late probably missing the first few bands, Falling and Laughing who it'd be difficult to give an honest opinion of, and Wake the President who've been written about before. In fact I missed three acts, arriving just as Bricolage, from Glasgow, were just setting up.

Who'd have thunk it, their new bass player is none other than Mighty Chris from The Hector Collectors, My Legendary Girlfriend and The Just Joans. the beating heart of Glasgow's sound for the past decade now.

Last time I saw Bricolage play properly was the other year at the Winchester. Weird looking drummer who the girls all liked who I later joined in a photoshoot for some photoy ex-girlfriend far away. Of course, he's no in the band any more and I don't recall what they sound like.

Bricolage 01

So, with every other member of the Hector Collectors having international success, Big Dunc with Dananananaykroyd, Big Gav with Camera Obscura, Paul with The Martial Arts, and Chris with Bricolage and The Just Joans, I can't help but feel that somehow my involvement with The Plimptons handicapped them from joining that glittering array. Thank god that involvement is buried along with my heart four hundred miles away.

Bricolage 02

Guitars played up over their hearts, strangled vocals like XTC and Dogs Die in Hot Cars or even Joe Jackson.

Bricolage 03

Girls dancing in cardigans at the sides of the stage. My favourite people in the crowd who weren't paying attention to the band, were either the people doing high-fives or the blonde girls talking about hair. My love for the cardigan dancers is surpassed by the couple behind me, gently swaying in each other arms.

Bricolage 05

Lead guitar played in the synthesizer style like later era Chilli Peppers.

Slowly figuring out who Fortuna Pop is at gigs. Shame the forum on their website doesn't work.


Falling and Laughing
Wake The President


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