Thursday, 26 March 2009

HDIF presents: Hexicon - Jamm

I'd nipped out to get a kebab, my first food of the day, small lamb donner, it was very nice and meaty.

This means I missed the first song or two from Hexicon. Four-piece, two guitars, bass and drums, vocals remind me of Joe MacAlinden. Indiekids probly have a better reference, but I've been listening to Superstar all day, the rhythms sound and the brief snatches of passion come from that place. Although without the keyboards or the epic solos.

Its a bit navel-gazingish and laid back. Ooh, the other guitarist, who played with last band, Allo Darlin, he does vocal duties for some songs.

HDIF presents: Hexicon - Jamm

As the set progresses the more I of a mind of Superstar, the guitar becomes more like wee Jim's, and the monster wig-out at the end just builds and builds and gnaws into your head, with a feedbacky drum avalanche climax.

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