Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tender Trap - The Lexington

Its my first time at The Lexington. I was being all political earlier in the evening so I arrived here late and missed Arthur and Martha.

The place is like King Tuts but with a higher ceiling. Its dark and its full, there is a glitterball disorientating me. But I see lots of familiar faces. I must break from standard operating procedure and speak with people I know.

Tender Trap are on stage, they are currently a five-piece band, electric guitar, bass, standing uppy drummer, Elizabeth Darling on keys and melodica, and singing Amelia Fletcher.

Former members of the legendary Talulah Gosh and Heavenly. Definitely shades of them in the sound, all bright-eyed and innocent not just the singing, but the melodies and lyrics and stuff. Does she qualify as a national institution?

Very English sounding. Slightly dischordant and a little nervous-sounding, which must be just a thing rather than for real, all things considered.

The ladies on stage look like they're enjoying themselves. Which is nice. I wonder why? Is it cos of the warm appreciative crowd, the venue or just euphoria?

Obligatory mention of them playing Indietracks this summer. Its going to be great in the sunshine.

Ooh, that girl who looks like Heather Graham is here. Its been years since I saw her at a gig.

So aye, my three year old niece is named after the singing girl, warm fuzzy feelings.

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