Friday, 24 April 2009

Electophonvintage - The Windmill

In addition to the usual ubiquitous french Electrophonvintage kids, the guitar and drummer chaps from Pocketbooks take to the stage, but Ian's on bass.

It must have been at least six months since I was at The Windmill, its a summer venue, for gigs where its warm enough to sit outside between bands. Familiar faces in the crowd tonight, the rest of Pocketbooks, Camilla from WeePop, Marianthi from Spiral Scratch and El Presidente from Fortuna.

Its very pastoral music on stage. I think I said that first time I saw them, that 'Country where you're not' is probly their most pastoral, everything else seems heavier tonight, more driven.

Electrophonvintage - The Windmill

And I've never noticed how often the girl leaves the stage, did that always happen? I think I prefer the songs she plays on to the ones where she doesn't. The sound man had a little trouble with her melodica, it was like there were wolfnotes where you could only hear it sometimes.

I'm going to have to scrape some of their recordings from somewhere, its good music for car journeys in the summertime with someone you love.

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