Thursday, 2 April 2009

Shrag - The Lexington

This one time someone left a snotty comment on here or possibly my other blog, complaining that I'd spelt Shragg wrong, so I'm starting off here remembering them as being quite snotty, rather than any preconception of what they sound like.

Its quite clunky painful music. Piercing girl vocals, organ-like keyboards from two keyboard players, and then the obligatory electric guitar, bass and drums.

The crowd seem to like them, roaring after each song and occasionally after hearing the opening chords of songs.

Ooh, painful microphone feedback.

Hmm, maybe I'm getting old, but how can anyone find these vocals nice to listen to? Maybe its supposed to instill pain and flinching? If it is, then they're very good.

I'm getting deja vu, is this what I wrote last time?

According to the last review I wrote, I fancy the one on the right, she's alright I guess.

Lily Allen-like in the slower more reflective numbers, also a little like The Deirdres occasionally, but with a bit of sandpaper stitched to the side. The girlie vox are a mile less 'cutesy' than I had them down for last time.

People are shouting out reviewish adjectives: 'sub-standard' - nah, they're better than last time, just still not my cup of tea.

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