Thursday, 25 June 2009

HDIF : Mascot Fight - Jamm

Mascot Fight

The second band tonight are Mascot Fight. Five lads with this year's answer to indie haircuts, and broadly jangly guitars, bass player with his strap-length set to 'short'.

The wee noodly guitar bit are nice when the rest of the band go quiet. Some at the back shouts out "I like that one". I do too.

I also like the way the keyboard jockey looks comfortable on stage during the songs where he doesn't play. Its usually difficult to pull that off.

Its been so long since I was at a gig, that I've lost all sense of reference points. With that in mind, this mob are 15% tighter than the last band, but 5% less fun. I imagine if they had a CD, it would be mostly brown with blue and gold trim.

I think they sound a little like Wake The President, storming guitars, but with a good sense of space, and wailing.

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