Sunday 21 September 2008

March of Dimes - The Pangea Project

Monkeysphere, the theoretical maximum number of people you can have in a human tribe before it gets too big, fights break out between strangers and the tribe splits into two. Its about 120 or 150 people, about the same size as normal friends lists on Facebook, actual friends lists rather than everyone you've ever known and have ever heard of you.

So there was a wee series of status updates on Facebook: Sean is in a band, Sean has a gig, Sean has a gig in London. Sean's a chap I knew at university a decade ago, quite an excited bouncy chap, part of the RAG / student charity scene.

He's been recruited to play bass for March of Dimes, a nad from Leeds who've been kicking about for eighteen months of so. They have an album, All Intents and Purposes.

They're a bit of a five piece, two guitars, bass, drums, keyboard/organ and singing bloke with girl and boy backing vocals.

At first they sounded a bit like the Americana of My Sad Captains, then moving on to the stark instrumentation of Butcher Boy. But with some killer guitar noodling.

Foxes and Convicts is my favourite song, and the live version of Lindbergh's Baby has the finest guitar I've heard in a while. Have a listen on their MySpace page.