Wednesday 11 July 2012

YouTube videos from Indietracks 2012

This is a list of the various videos that folk have uploaded onto YouTube of bands playing at Indietracks 2012.

The list is roughly in order of stage times, although this falls apart a little bit for the various impromptu acoustic sets

Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern

The 10p Mixes

Young Romance

The Birthday Kiss


The Cosines

Evans The Death

Colour Me Wednesday

Tender Trap

The Rosie Taylor Project

White Town



Lindy-hop Workshop

The Just Joans

Standard Fare

Go Sailor

Summer Camp

Gordon McIntyre

Veronica Falls


Spook School

14 Iced Bears

Velodrome 2000


The Proper Ornaments

The Hobbes Fanclub

Stevie Jackson

September Girls


Love Dance

The June Brides

Language of Flowers

Allo Darlin

Rose Melberg

The Vaselines

One day, in the blissful app filled future, there will be a website so that you can synchronise and mix lots of YouTube videos of the same song into one continuous video with lots of different camera angles, like with the half a dozen clips of Allo Darlin' playing Tallulah

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